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Boost your energy level and hit the Gym

Hello Fitness Freaks, do you realize that enemy of any motivated gym-goer is fatigue. Understanding on how to push yourself with so much ease or to keep exhaustion at bay, follow these tips and last longer in the gym:

1.) To help increase the endurance, try branched-chain amino acid BCAA or supplements with caffeine. BCAAs prevent muscle breakdown and provide fuel to muscle tissues. Caffeine increases energy, focus, drive, and circulation. A good pre-workout would have both of these in the right combination.

2. Sugar is bad news for your diet, but not during your workout. We suggest trying out fat-free candy as it digests fast and spikes your energy levels

3. Eat Before You hit the Gym, along with adding intra-workout sugars, pre-workout meal is a must. It helps in fueling intense-Powerlifting workouts. Take high doses of carbs with about 25-35g of lean protein. A good rule of thumb is to consume less fiber before training. And for larger meals, allow at least 60-90 minutes to digest.

4. Hydrate yourself, aim to drink 1-2 cups of water an hour or two before your workout. Take another cup of water every 20 minutes, and another 1-2 cups in the hours that follow. If you sweat a lot, drink an electrolyte beverage to maintain proper potassium and sodium levels. To replenish fluid lost during exercise, we suggest weigh yourself before and after working out and then drink 16 ounces of water for every pound lost.

It doesn’t matter if you hit the gym in the morning or evening, what matters is your energy. A simple shower bath does wonders to your energy level too, a shower bath taken before going to the gym will give you a fresh energy.

I suggest, follow these simple ways and find the difference after a week, you may also share your experience and help every fitness freak. Do comment and share the post.


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A fitness freak, I love sharing fitness tips, being healthy and fit is all we need. Please share your fitness mantra and help every individual to stay fit and healthy.

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